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Note: We have stopped using the
ScholarOne submission system.

Follow the steps below to submit your article to JUCR
In general, articles are required to have: Abstract, Keywords,
Introduction, Conclusion and a Chicago formatted list of references.
No fees are charged.

See the first page of our JUCR's Template File for full details and it
also includes a detailed reference guide after the article template pages.

Article files can be in either .doc, .doc or .rtf format (MS Word and equivalents).
PDFs for articles are not accepted due to numerous technical reasons.

1. After you have created your JUCR account paste your article’s contents
into our JUCR Template File

2. Complete our JUCR Submission form

For an brief overview see Requirements

Steps to submit your article in detail…
1. Create an account on this site and go to your DASHBOARD from
the triangle menu by your login name in the header.

2. Download our JUCR Template File and paste your contents into it.

3. Download and fill out our Manuscript Submission Form and submit it with your article pasted into our JUCR Template. Each author needs to provide their personal details in our Manuscript Submission Form.

4. Under the Submissions sidebar tab choose 1. start and under Section popup menu choose Articles.

5. After the first file is attached at the Confirm step you can choose to *add another file* ie. your Manuscript Submission Form. Please choose *Other* as the Article Component.

6. Under Enter Metadata paste in the article's Title, Abstract and Keywords.    

Email us at if you have questions.