The achievement of the hotel business learning by using CIPPA model for the First-Year Vocational Certificate Students in hotel major.

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This research aimed to 1) compare the learning achievement of the hotel business course before and after learning by the CIPPA model, and 2) study the satisfaction towards learning by CIPPA model in Hotel business subject of first-year vocational students in hotel studies. The sample in this research was 40 students in the first year vocational certificate in hotel major, Loengnoktha Vocational College who studied in Semester 2, Academic Year 2020, chosen by using simple random sampling. The research instruments were 1) lesson plan using CIPPA model, 2) the achievement test and 3) the questionnaire. The results were 1) the achievement of students learning in hotel business by using CIPPA model after studying was higher than before studying at the .05 statistically significant level and 2) the satisfaction towards learning based on the ZIPPA Model overall was at the highest level.


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