Effective Communication Strategies for Business Workers in the Digital Era: A Study in the Context of Thailand

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Nattanun Siricharoen


The qualitative research conducted in May 2023 by a group of eight
informants enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Administration Program at
Huachiew Chalermprakiet University in Thailand provides valuable insights
into effective communication strategies for business professionals in the
digital era. The study’s primary objective was to investigate communication
strategies that are applicable across various industries. Notably, the study
aimed to create a communication model that could be relevant beyond the
academic context. The research methodology employed involved
conducting focus group discussions and utilizing content analysis techniques.
These methods allowed the informants to openly share their experiences
and insights related to communication strategies. Additionally, the study paid
special attention to non-verbal cues, such as gestures, expressions, and body
language, which added depth to the analysis, recognizing the multifaceted
nature of effective communication. The study identified nine key
communication strategies that offer a comprehensive framework for
enhancing communication skills. These strategies encompass choosing the
right media, ensuring clarity and conciseness, practicing active listening, maintaining a professional tone, considering timing, following up on
communications, utilizing visual aids, incorporating empathy, and actively
seeking feedback.

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