Validation of the Thai version of the burnout assessment tool for Thai undergraduates

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Arunee Suttichainimit
Arunya Tuicomepee


Burnout has been mentioned for decades as one of the mental health
concerns of people around the globe. In 2020, Schaufeli and colleagues
developed a new burnout measure, the burnout assessment tool (BAT).
The BAT consisted of four subscales: exhaustion, mental distance, cognitive
impairment, and emotional impairment. Empirical studies have supported
the psychometric properties of the BAT. However, there is no Thai version
of the BAT for Thai undergraduates. Therefore, this study aimed to translate
and validate the short version of the burnout assessment tool (BAT-12) with
a Thai undergraduate sample. A total of 240 Thai undergraduates
completed a Thai language and short version of the burnout assessment
tool (BAT-12-TH). Internal consistency, convergent validity, and confirmatory
factor analysis of the BAT-12-TH were examined. Findings revealed that
internal consistency was high in all subscales except mental distance.
Convergent validity was found with the Thai Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) and
the Thai Mental Fatigue Scale (MFS). Evidence of confirmation factor
analysis in Thai undergraduates was obtained. In conclusion, the BAT12-TH
would be useful for assessing burnout in undergraduate students in Thailand.

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