Society be Livable with Buddhist Path

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Phrakhrusangharak Chakkit Bhuripañño
Niwes Wongsuwan
Silawat Chaiwong


This article has the substance to present Society livable with Buddhist Path by using the principle of Threefold Training as namely, Precept Concentration Wisdom to develop society be livable that has matter summarize as, the growth of society quickly cause of population congestion, lake of dwelling, lake of public park and cause of pollution, cause of fight to use national resources to take for consumption, and then because of did not still dynamic of social and circulating from time to time. So those problems had main affected for physical and mental for human society. Therefore, using the Threefold Training to help and maintain mind of persons in society emphasize for service mind and live to each other in society then bring love harmony generously to take place until for society be livable and lasting.

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Bhuripañño, P. C. ., Wongsuwan, N. ., & Chaiwong, S. . (2021). Society be Livable with Buddhist Path. International Journal of Multidisciplinary in Cultures & Religions Studies, 1(2), 29–35. Retrieved from


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