Factors Affecting Consumers’ Purchasing Decision toward Online Shopping in Thailand

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Boonyarinn Soonthornpanich


This research is to outline the most relevant consumers' purchasing decisions toward online shopping and examine the ways they find, compare and evaluate all information.  With the advancement of the Internet Technologies in this era have created the new way of retail transactions such as electronic retailing (e-tailing), web-shopping, and online shopping. Thus, consumers’ participation in online purchasing has become an important trend. Thus, online retailing became very vital to recognize the determinant of consumer online purchase purchasing decisions. The research aimed to examine and contribute to the business owner and marketer the key factors affecting consumers purchasing decisions toward online shopping in Thailand.  Those factors would be demographics, convenience & time saving, website design, website feature, and security & privacy. A total number of 400 respondents of online shoppers who have experienced online purchasing and shopping participated in this research by answering the questionnaires.  However, the questionnaire would distribute through a web board, online channels.

The summary of finding found that that convenience & time saving, website design, web features, and security & privacy are positively related to consumers’ purchasing decisions toward online shopping in Thailand.

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