Melodies and Lyrics in Taleng Phai, a Chakrabhand Puppet Play: The Harmony between Literary Language and Musical Art


  • Ratchaneekorn Ratchatakorntrakoon Ph.D. Professional Researcher Institute of Thai Studies Chulalongkorn University


Insertion of songs into plays, Taleng Phai Chakrabhand Puppet Play, Literary language


This research aims to study the techniques used to insert melodies into the Taleng Phai Chakrabhand Puppet Play and the relationship between its lyrics and literary language. The study reveals that 113 melodies have been included in the play using three techniques: 1) the use of melodies that follow dramatic tradition; 2) the adaptation of melodies, namely the adaptation of foreign intonation, excerpts from full melodies, and the adaptation of the method to the present melodies; and 3) the creation of new melodies. These songs, including both the melodies and lyrics, play an important role in highlighting the literary language, namely the use of songs to underscore word selection; to repeat content; to be figures of speech, such as metaphors and paradoxes; to exaggerate emotion; and to open and close the story. The techniques used to insert the melodies reflects both traditional and creative approaches in the performances. The harmony between songs and literary language in the Taleng Phai Chakrabhand Puppet Play not only stirs audiences to relate to the theme regarding the sacrifice of those who dedicate themselves to maintain the independence of the Kingdom, but also has an effect on the characteristics of the Taleng Phai Chakrabhand Puppet as performance literature.


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