The Development of The Law On Conscription


  • Apiluk Niumglum


National security, The rights, Format, Development



             This research aims to establish a law protecting the rights of Thai men in the field of military service to receive concrete protection. The research methodology adopted is Qualitative research consisting of the Documentary research; In-depth Interview; Participatory Design, Co-Design; and Hearing. The research results shall be brought to formulate the forms of law on the development of the law on military conscription patterns

             The results showed that The Military Service Act of 1954 contains provisions that are inappropriate for the context of the current political, administrative, economic and social conditions of Thailand in the problem of registration of surplus soldiers. Physical examination of people entering the station On-the-job and duty training Exploitation arising from the fraudulent exercise of authority And the benefits of active duty soldiers by research has prepared a draft law on the form of military conscription by amending the Military Service Act, B.E. 2497 with a legal structure consisting of Qualifications of a conscripted soldier Selection method and Training process and performing duties Liability Benefits and Military conscription organization

             This research suggests improvements to the draft amendments. The Military Service Act (No. ..) BE. Selection method The process of training and performing duties. Liability to establish an organization to carry out military conscription. and to protect the human rights of those enlisted in the military


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