The Formative of Creative Development of Pentatonic scale Structure to Music Composition


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Forms, creative development, Pentatonic scale structure, Music composition


           The pentatonic scale is one of the basic tones used by composers to create popular melodies or jazz music. Create a melody within a song. which the accent sound in the playing will indicate that it is Asian music. Because the notes formed by the melody in the grammatical hierarchy are small, that is, there are 5 sounds. Therefore, it makes the movement of the melody that occur more smoothly and create a good continuity of the melody. The structure of this scale can be created from a diatonic scale with seven sequential notes. By bringing the structure of the pentatonic scale to compare such structures. Made from a major scale. Minor scale Alternatively, the basic modes can be used to create a pentatonic scale, resulting in a pentatonic scale created from such a scale with a variety of melody accents. more songs.

             The chords formed by the structure of the pentatonic scale in each room can also be used to change the mood of a song. Although the pentatonic scale has 5 sounds, the chord pattern of the pentatonic scale can have tensile tones hidden in every chord, for example: 6   b7    9   #11    13  And the melody of the chords depends on the structure of the pentatonic scale of each type. Therefore, jazz music brings melodies to create more improvisation composers with a variety of accents.


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