The Biological Diversity of Countries Along Lanchang-Mekhong River COP15 2021


  • Apinan Panphet


Environmental Protection Poster, Creative Work, Computer Graphics


The biological diversity mankind and all beings can be found everywhere such as a dog and a cat etc. or wild lives such as a tiger, an elephant, a monkey, a gibbon, and a bear etc. All beings have lived in the natural environment as the biological and ecological diversities. The natural environment can be found as the rainforest, the field, the lake, the beach, and the shore reef as well as the ecological creations of human such as the farming fields, the reservoirs, and the downtown.

           The creation of this work aims at the comprehension of the biological diversity among Lanchang Mekhong River countries presenting the conservation of the environment so as to promote the beautiful vision showing the growth and the harmony. The respect of the environment is participated among 6 Lanchang Mekhong River countries which are China, Cambodia, Loas, Burma, Thai, and Vietnam. This work will be presented in the exhibition of Lanchang Mekhong international poster design competition 2021: Green Lanchang-Mehong

           This work is the combination of design application with the art installation showing the biological diversity. It can be handled to the new knowledge applying to the creation of other art works.


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Design exhibition showcases ecological and cultural diversity of Lancang-Mekong countries.

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