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These include restrictions to keep people at home, implement some limitations on travel and movements, promoting social distancing, as well as providing the elderly with care and support in body, mind, and society elements. Elderly people, however, are still considered as a vulnerable group receiving more adverse impacts than others. Applying digital technology to improve the healthcare of elderly people could, therefore, greatly alleviate the healthcare restrictions which are the effects of the preventive measures of COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, application of Information and Communication Technology: ICT in taking care of the elderly could benefit by predicting and designing lifestyle and healthcare patterns straightforwardly and effectively. Consequently, the healthcare patterns can be used as the foundation ideas for scaffolding and creating significant healthcare innovation for the elderly–designing suitable physical activities, managing stress, restful sleep, as well as introducing new healthy behaviours and lifestyles. Furthermore, applications of digital technology in elderly health care could greatly advantage elderly patients with chronic diseases in terms of obtaining medical advice from healthcare professionals, rehabilitation medicine, etc. Utilization of technology in constructing healthcare systems could decidedly help estimate and design healthcare guidelines for the elderly for other possible, further pandemics.</p> Surasingha Sombat Suranartvatchavong, Supaporn Sudnongbau Copyright (c) 2022 JOURNAL OF SOUTHERN TECHNOLOGY Thu, 07 Apr 2022 00:00:00 +0700 Guidelines for Hotel Business Management during COVID-19 Crisis <p> This article aims to provide guidelines for managing hotel businesses during the COVID - 19 pandemic. The crisis has a direct effect on hotel businesses in Thailand as well as Thai people’s lives. Moreover, it also affects national tourism and economy worldwide. Therefore, entrepreneurs should have good organizational management in managing work and personnel in the workplace to be prepared to deal with the crisis. This can be done by 1) planning management strategies for hotel businesses that to be able to survive during the pandemic; 2) preparing to deal with the pandemic in different tourist attractions and hotel business establishments; and 3) hotel business management to minimize impacts of the Covid - 19 crisis so that they can manage to survive throughout the period of this crisis.</p> Kirathakon Boonrod, Sunisa Phonchot, Rusaya Kamnuan Copyright (c) 2022 JOURNAL OF SOUTHERN TECHNOLOGY Thu, 07 Apr 2022 00:00:00 +0700 Community Participation for Behavior Modification of Pesticide Use among Farmers: Development, Implementation, and Evaluation <p> Pesticide use behavior with unsafe and inappropriate chemical substance causes both short-term and long-term adverse health effects on farmers and family members, especially children under five years and the elderly. Examples of pesticide use related problems are skin diseases, respiratory diseases, cancer, diabetes, and Parkinson's disease. This article aimed to present the importance of community participation in behavior modification of pesticide use among farmers, including information about 1) the concept of community participation in behavior modification of pesticide use, 2) the development of community participation by AIC process, 3) community roles in pesticide use behavior modification and 4) community roles in the follow-up and evaluation of behavior modification in pesticide use. To change their behaviors from unsafe and inappropriate to safe and appropriate pesticide use, farmers have to be aware of the problem and have the willingness to change. They need to work closely with community for encouragement, and support. The community must involve in this changing process starting from identifying problems, prioritizing problems, analyzing their causes, organizing and executing projects and activities, following-up, evaluating their results. Finally, the community members work together to reflect on activities or projects results, problems encountered, offering guidelines for problem-solving, and development of activities or projects for future behavior modification. This will contribute to pesticide use behavior modification among farmers to be more constructive, effective, and sustainable.<br /> </p> Bunliang Suphim, Archin Songthap Copyright (c) 2022 JOURNAL OF SOUTHERN TECHNOLOGY Thu, 07 Apr 2022 00:00:00 +0700 Effectiveness of a Fall Prevention Program in the Elderly, Tharua Sub-district, Mueang District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province <p> The elderly Thai population is increasing statistically. Fall is a high risk factor which is the cause of injury, death and psychosocial problems among elderly people. This research was a participatory action research.The objective is to develop a program to prevent falls of the elderly among Village No.16, Tharuea Subdistrict, Mueang District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. It uses participatory action research process as a mechanism to develop, support and promote the community to participate in the program for preventing falls of individuals in family and community. The first target group consisting of 17 elderly caregivers. The second target group consisted of 17 volunteers who live in the area of Tharua Subdistrict selected through purposive sampling and were conducted using interviews. The research instruments consisted of an interview form to elicit personal information, knowledge, information pertaining to internal environmental management. Data were analyzed before and after the program was given for both groups. A software package was employed for data analysis by using descriptive statistics and chi-square. Results revealed that the knowledge level of the elderly caregivers and of the volunteers before and after receiving the fall prevention program in the elderly were not significantly different at .05 (t = -3.795, P-value &lt; 0.00; &amp; (t = -2.222, P-value &lt; .05, respectively). This can result in less falling accidents in the elderly's home. After the experiment, it was found that the accident rate of falls in the area in the sample group decreased at .05 level of statistical significance. However the fall Prevention Program can be applied in the Elderly who live in areas similar Tharuea Subdistrict contextual environment.</p> <p> </p> Wanlapa Dissara, Ratthayanaphit Ratchatawan, Somrudee Arunjit Copyright (c) 2022 JOURNAL OF SOUTHERN TECHNOLOGY Thu, 07 Apr 2022 00:00:00 +0700 Development of Community Health Service System: Maternal and Child Health Promotion of Buriram Municipality Buriram Province <p> In determining how to manage and construct health promotion activities for mother and children’s groups by using disease control and the Thailand Health Prevention Working Plan A.D. 2019-2021 requires a good health service as the public health standard. Thus, Mueang Buri Ram Municipality presented the working plan and healthcare principles to be applied under the local public health agency. Therefore, this research had the aim of developing a healthcare system for mother and children’s groups in Mueang Buri Ram Municipality to gain high effectiveness and a high level of satisfaction with the objective to compare the new and original healthcare systems and apply the care procedures to be patient-centered with the guideline of the 3P basic quality developing system. Population is a group of parents of 59 children whose names have been in the community medical center, Buriram Hospital Branch 2 and the sample group was a group of mothers and children who wished to participate in activities within the Community Medical Center, Buriram Hospital Branch 2, totaling 51 people. Similarly, it could be classified as the mother and children’s groups joining the activities in Area 18 of Mueang Municipality by using a five-point Likert scale questionnaire, Cronbach’s alpha coefficient in the level of 0.91, and analyze with an independent t-test. From the results, it was found that the developed care system of the mother and children’s groups had a higher score from the effectiveness assessment than the original assessment with good statistical significance (p&lt;.05) with the opposite level of correlation for the score of the effectiveness assessment ([r]=-0.087). However, this could be integrated between the relevant health service agencies by gaining satisfaction with the users at the most level (<img title="\bar{x}" src="\bar{x}" />=4.47, S.D.=0.238), which had a good relationship for the happiness level, while receiving health services in a positive way ([r]=0.238). This study showed the benefits by gaining a higher level of effectiveness for healthcare of the mother and children’s groups than the original ones that were congruent to the three main missions of Mueang Buri Ram Municipality with the outcomes. Furthermore, this could increase confidence in the care system, including boosting good health to the mother and children’s groups. Then, the children would have appropriate development by receiving vaccinations in time, including establishing a healthcare system for the people to receive the service benefits with high effectiveness from the government. Finally, this research was a case study of Mueang Buri Ram Municipality’s health service that would be an effective development procedure to the lifestyle requirements and the current Thai social context.</p> Potjana Pojandee, Songwut Egwutvongsa Copyright (c) 2022 JOURNAL OF SOUTHERN TECHNOLOGY Thu, 07 Apr 2022 00:00:00 +0700 The Development of Local Food Recipes for Elders with Diabetes in Loei Province <p> Dietary intake plays a significant role in controlling blood sugar and diabetic complications present in elderly people include high blood pressure and dyslipidemia. The purpose of this research is to develop local recipes with appropriate nutritional value and satisfaction for the elderly with diabetes. The goal is to control diabetes and prevent complications. This study is participatory action research. The researcher and the community jointly considered and chose the popular food recipes in the Mueang sub-district and the Chaiyapruek sub-district, Mueang Loei District, Loei Province, and developed them. They consisted of 20 and 10 recipes of savory and dessert, respectively. The developed recipes were sensory assessed by 30 diabetic elders. The development of recipes was modified in terms of quantity and type of ingredients such as adjusting the amount of sugar, seasonings, and vegetable, using low sodium seasoning, coconut cream alternative, and lean meat. It was found that energy and nutrients in savory recipes are reduced, namely: 18 recipes of energy (90%), 16 recipes of carbohydrates (80%), 18 recipes of fat (90%), 20 recipes of sodium (100%), and 17 recipes of sugar (85%) whereas the amount of energy, carbohydrates, fats, sodium, and sugar in dessert reduced in every recipe (100%). The overall satisfaction for savory was at the highest level for 11 recipes (55%) and at a high level for 9 recipes (45%). As for the desserts, 8 recipes were rated the highest (80%) and 2 recipes were rated satisfied at a high level (20%). This research can provide insights for individuals to promote health in the aspect of food nutrition, control diabetes, and prevention complications among those who suffer from diabetes.</p> Suradech Chaitokkia , Supannee Pruksa, Jittima Pheerakamol Copyright (c) 2022 JOURNAL OF SOUTHERN TECHNOLOGY Thu, 07 Apr 2022 00:00:00 +0700 Chatbots for Depression Awareness Management According to Depression Evaluation 2Q, ST-5 and 9Q of Department of Mental Health, Ministry of Public Health <p> The rate of depression in Thailand tends to increase every year. In general, people with depression disease tend to experience depression insignia first. Then, the symptom develops into more serious which affects the daily life of the patient. Consequently, awareness of depression is important in primary management of the disease to help prevent and alleviate its worsening symptoms. The objectives of this study are to 1) develop an innovative chatbot for managing depressive awareness and assess usability, and 2) to compare the mean depressive scores between 2 groups who used and do not use the innovative chatbot dependently and independently before and after the experiments. From a simple random sampling of the innovative chatbot users who were having regular stress problems, aged 27-45 years old. They were screened for depressive symptoms according to the 2Q, 9Q and ST-5 criteria of the Department of Mental Health. This process is performed to select only the sample group at the symptom level that can be self-treated, no need to see a doctor for treatment. The sample of 100 people are divided into 2 groups with 50 people in each group. The chatbot innovation experimental group was treated with stress relief by watching video clips. The control group used a stress relief method from the website. The experiment time is 3 weeks. Then, depressive symptoms will be assessed for further conclusions. In addition, the sample group had answered the questionnaires to assess the chatbot usability. The descriptive statistics analysis of the usability assessment of the chatbot innovation in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, coverage, integrity, learning and usability had a high overall score (<img title="\dot{\tilde{x}}" src="\dot{\tilde{x}}" />= 4.39, S.D.= 0.38). For the results of Inferential statistical analysis using the mean before and after in the same sample (Paired-Sample t-Test) found that both groups had a statistically significantly different mean score of .05. The experimental group has the score before experiment as (<img title="\tilde{x}" src="\tilde{x}" />= 17.28, S.D.= 1.59) and after the experiment were = 11.18, S.D.= 1.54. The mean scores for the control group were <img title="\bar{x}" src="\bar{x}" />= 14.54, S.D.=2.57 and after the experiment were <img title="\tilde{x}" src="\tilde{x}" />= 12.42, S.D.= 1.37. The results of the comparison of the difference between the chatbots users group and the non-users with independent-Sample t-test found that the mean score after the experiment of the experimental group was significantly lower than the mean score of the control group with mean scores of 11.18 and 12.42 with a statistical significance of .05. Therefore, it can be concluded that the chatbot innovation can be used to manage awareness about depression according to the Department of Mental Health Depression 2Q, ST-5 and 9Q assessment criteria, Ministry of Public Health for stress reduction therapy.</p> <p> </p> Sapee-e Samoh, Taveevut Nakomah, Apat Palawan, Sureena Matayong Copyright (c) 2022 JOURNAL OF SOUTHERN TECHNOLOGY Thu, 07 Apr 2022 00:00:00 +0700 Levels of Narcissism and Consuming Behaviors of Thai Facebook Users across Three Age Groups <p> Social media platforms allow users to express their narcissistic behaviors much easier. Differences in levels of narcissism can result in differences in consumer behaviors for making decisions on purchasing products and services. The objectives of this research are to study the consuming behaviors of Thai Facebook users across three age groups; the relationship between their consumer behaviors and levels of narcissism, and their purchasing behaviors with narcissism levels are above and below the average. This research was conducted by using a mixed-method design. The quantitative data were collected through a survey questionnaire to elicit information regarding their Facebook consuming behaviors and levels of narcissism using Narcissistic Personality Inventory (NPI) test. Participants in this study were Thai Facebook users from three different age groups ranging from 10–24 years, above 24–40 years, and above 40–55 years. The obtained data were calculated statistically by One-Way ANOVA and Pearson Correlation. Then, in- depth interviews were conducted to the participants who were purposively selecated to elicit information concerning their consuming behaviors in decision making to buy both products and services via online and offline (from stores). Results showed that among the three user groups, three behaviors were found to have statistical significance at the level of p = .05. These include photo adjustment before posting, comparison of their real lives and Facebook content, and beliefs that Facebook has influenced their behaviors. The average level of narcissism across all the participants was at 36.91 from 100. Paired t-tests also showed that Facebook users in age range of 10–24, and above 24–40 years demonstrate higher narcissistic levels than those above 40 – 55 years. This difference was statistically significant at p = .05 level. Facebook using behaviors of users in all age groups were positively correlated with and levels of narcissism. In terms of purchasing behaviors, those with above average scores of narcissism performed narcissistic behaviors for offline purchasing more than through online platforms. Each age group showed their production-reproduction of the purchased products and services differently through indirect performances such as, exhibiting with their faces and body images, their special relationships, and their self-esteem and mobility.</p> Theethavat Janevatchararuk Copyright (c) 2022 JOURNAL OF SOUTHERN TECHNOLOGY Thu, 07 Apr 2022 00:00:00 +0700 The Element Factors for Applying in Green Supply Chain Management of Agricultural Community Enterprises Group in the Northeast of Thailand <p> The green supply chain management has a role to play a business planning. The entrepreneur must pay attention to being environmentally friendly that is the strategies to create a competitive advantage for learning to change the environment. This research aimed to 1) study the factor for applying green supply chain management of community enterprises, and 2) analyze the factor analysis for applying green supply chain management of community enterprises. The sample consisted of 400 community enterprises in the agricultural sector in the Northeast of Thailand. The data were collected by the questionnaire. Results of this study reveal that the most important factors for applying green supply chain management of community enterprises were the policies and guidelines of the environmental management, followed by operational commitment to green supply chain management and the need to provide the members to work in good and safety environment. The factor analysis for applying green supply chain management of community enterprises by principal component analysis and orthogonal rotation with the varimax method showed that the Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin (KMO) = .903, the Bartlett’s Test of Sphericity value = .00<br />The data showed the relationship which can be composed of 7 components that were 1) the strategy and image of the organization, 2) the society and stakeholders, 3) supplier of manufacturing, 4) the market and consumer, 5) the competitor, 6) the rules and regulations, and 7) reverse logistics. The result of the confirmatory factor analysis was conformed to the empirical data by considering the value Chi-square = 490.221, df = 456, Chi-square/df= 1.075, P-value = .130, CFI = .995, GFI = .937, AGFI = .914, RMSEA = .014, RMR = .000 and NFI = .934; and that the good criterion and the model show the development model to be consistent with the empirical data. The models obtained from this research can be further developed, further researched and used to create strategies for competitiveness to be more efficient, cost-effective and profitable in the future.</p> Wannida Sareekham, Jakret Mettathamrong, Anuchavadee Chaithongsri Copyright (c) 2022 JOURNAL OF SOUTHERN TECHNOLOGY Thu, 07 Apr 2022 00:00:00 +0700 Corporate Income Tax Planning that Effects the Firm Value of Companies Listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand, SETCLMV Index Group <p> An entity that makes full use of the tax benefits will results in lower operating expense, have a competitive advantage and may increase the firm value. Although it will be regulated by the relevant authorities but it will not eliminate the tax avoidance behavior. The purpose of the study was to explore the corporate income tax planning that effects the firm value of companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand, CLMV Index group. Collecting data from the financial statement and the annual report (56-1). Sample are 37 companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand, CLMV Index group during 2016-2020 total 5 fiscal years. Research instruments in this study and hypothesis testing consisted of descriptive statistic, Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient and Multiple Regression.<br />The results showed that tax planning the affects firm value, i.e. the book-tax difference has a positive effect on firm value at a statistically significant level of .01, while the TAX/TOTAL ASSET ratio has a negative effect on firm value at a statistically significant level of .1. The control variables affecting firm value were size and industry had a negative effect on firm value at a statistically significant level of .01, while the financial risk leverage had a negative on firm value at a statistically significant level of .1. Effective tax rate and TAX/OCF ratio were not significant. From the results of the study investors can make investment choices based on the entity’s tax planning, where high tax planning may imply earnings management. Relevant agencies can be used to consider issuing standards for protection. Controlling tax evasion and set various policies as appropriate. <br /> </p> Ketsinee Tang-an Copyright (c) 2022 JOURNAL OF SOUTHERN TECHNOLOGY Thu, 07 Apr 2022 00:00:00 +0700 Making Decisions for Investment in Polyculture Farming of Giant Freshwater Prawns and Litopenaeus vannamai in Soil Ponds Owned by Farmers in Kamphaeng Saen, Nakhon Pathom <p> Investment in prawn farming involves high risk. Therefore, careful examination before making investment decisions is very crucial. This study aimed to examine the process of prawn culture, including pond characteristics, sources of prawn species and process; 2) the cost and return; and 3) the feasibility of an investment project in mixed shrimp farming between white Vannamei and giant freshwater prawns in soil ponds owned by farmers in Kamphaeng Saen District, Nakhon Pathom Province. The farmers were selected using snowball sampling method (n=30). Research instruments were open-ended interview questions. Data were group and analysed qualitatively using Excel. Results showed that the suitable size of ponds should be 5 rai per unit. The polyculture can start from raising the giant fresh water prawns for 20-30 days, then release the Vannamai type into the same pond. This process will take 3 months. The feasibility analysis of investment in the project can be done at 4 ponds on an area of over 20 rais (1 rai = 1,600 sqm), 3 ponds on an area of more than 10-20 rais, and 1 pond on 1-10 rais. The payback period of 0.94, 1.06 and 2.5 years respectively. The net present values are at 1,132,853.31, 797,605.41, 97,860.50 baht with the internal rate of returns at 96.18%, 83.87%, and 29.21% respectively. In addition, the number of farming of more than 1 pond had different investment cash flow amounts but the net present value was still positive. Moreover, the internal rate of return was greater than the discount rate plus inflation or capital cost. As a result, the investment in shrimp farming mixed between white Vannamei shrimps and giant freshwater prawn can help make an interested parties or groups of farmers who are interested in investing can make an investment because they can generate positive returns.</p> Tippawan Rittichai, Chudapon Sonpakdee Copyright (c) 2022 JOURNAL OF SOUTHERN TECHNOLOGY Thu, 07 Apr 2022 00:00:00 +0700 An Evaluation of Fundamental English Course: Everyday English Reading and Writing Course <p> In English Language Teaching (ELT), it is necessary procedure to offer students demanding, suitable, and updated courses that help develop their English potential. Therefore, English teachers should evaluate the course quality continually. The primary purpose of this study was to investigate students' perceptions of the foundation English course at Prince of Songkla University, Surat Thani Campus. The participants were 134 first- and second-year students who enrolled in the Everyday English Reading and Writing course during the second semester in the academic year 2020. The researchers used a questionnaire and a semi-structured interview to collect data on students' perceptions of six aspects of course evaluation: Course Objectives, Textbook and Supplementary Materials, Teacher and Teaching Methods, Assessment and Evaluation, Learning Environment, and Course Benefits. The study also examined the problems that the students encountered in the course. The quantitative data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and the qualitative data were analyzed with content analysis. The findings show that the students were satisfied with all aspects at a high level except the Learning Environment, with which they were satisfied at a moderate level. The results from the interviews indicate that the classroom learning materials were insufficient, and the class size was large, making it easy to be distracted from the lessons. Furthermore, the students had different levels of English proficiency. Therefore, it would be advisable for the university to provide appropriate courses for each level of competence.</p> Tuna Girgin, Asama Tasanameelarp, Wanwisa Watcharakorn Copyright (c) 2022 JOURNAL OF SOUTHERN TECHNOLOGY Thu, 07 Apr 2022 00:00:00 +0700 Factors Associated to the Intention to Prevent COVID-19 <p> The coronavirus (COVID-19) infection leads to a surge in the disease and the infection results in a high mortality rate. To reduce the spread, it is important to engage in preventive behaviors recommended by the ministry of public health, such as washing hands, wearing a face mask, and social distancing. This study aimed to investigate factors associated with the intention to prevent COVID-19 based on protection motivation theory (PMT). It is a cross-sectional study. A sample of 422 individuals aged 18-year-old and above who reside in Mueang District, Sakon Nakhon, participated in the study. They were selected using multi-stage random sampling. The data collection instrument was a researcher-made questionnaire. The content of questionnaire was constructed base on the conceptual framework of the PMT. The data obtained were analyzed by using percentage, mean, standard deviation and Pearson's Correlation. Results showed that factors of knowledge, perceived threat, perceived severity, response efficacy, self-efficacy, had a positive correlation with the intention to prevent COVID- 19. However, stress showed a negative correlation with the pandemic situation. This correlation exhibits statistical significance (p&lt;.001). With these factors, it can be used to design a training program to educate people, village health volunteer and family health leaders and community health leaders. This will also be applied to caregivers of people infected with coronavirus 2019 who are staying at home in the future.</p> Passakorn Ongarj, Ratchadaporn Ungcharoen Copyright (c) 2022 JOURNAL OF SOUTHERN TECHNOLOGY Thu, 07 Apr 2022 00:00:00 +0700 Full Issue <p>-</p> Nitsri Sangduen Copyright (c) 2022 JOURNAL OF SOUTHERN TECHNOLOGY Thu, 07 Apr 2022 00:00:00 +0700