Development of conceptual framework and indicators for assessment of power development fund in Thailand

  • Pongpoj Putarungsi Graduate School of Environmental Development Administration, National Institute of Development Administration, Bangkok 10240, Thailand
Keywords: conceptual framework, power development fund, sustainability balanced scorecard


This study developed a conceptual framework and indicators for evaluating the Power Development Fund (the Fund) in Thailand by collecting information and data from interviews with key informants such as the Energy Regulatory Commission, the Fund Committee, and employees of the Fund. The funds were characterized into two groups namely three Funds in category A and three Funds in category B. The Sustainability Balanced Scorecardconcept was selectedas a frameworkand used to produce indicators to evaluate the management of the Fund. The conceptual framework contained six perspectives and each perspective had indicators as follow: 1) Learning and Development (2 indicators); 2) Management Process (5 indicators); 3) Overall Efficiency of operation and management (5 indicators); 4) Stakeholders (3 indicators); 5) Environmental (5 indicators); and 6) Social (4 indicators). There were 23 indicators in total.


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