The importance of soft skills acquisition by teachers in higher education institutions

  • Keow Ngang Tang International College, Khon Kaen University, Khon Kaen 40002, Thailand
Keywords: higher education institution, soft skills acquisition, teaching profession


The aim of this research was to explore the soft skills acquisition of lecturers and to thus determine the importance of soft skills in the teaching profession. A mixed method was employed utilizing a questionnaire and interview protocol as research instruments. In total, eight lecturers and 163 students from four programs of an international college in Khon Kaen, Thailand were selected using a purposive sampling method. The quantitative findings indicated that teamwork and lifelong learning skills were the most important soft skills acquired by lecturers from all of four programs, except for tourism management. In addition, the qualitative findings revealed the importance aspects of soft skills acquisition are: (i) delivery of effective and quality teaching; (ii) career development and enrichment, and (iii) managing student skills. In summary, the findings contribute to and substitute for training and provide significant pronouncements towards the knowledgeable and dexterous development of the country as a total.


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