Structural equation modeling of best practice-based high-performance public organizations in Thailand

  • Waranya Jirangkul Public Administration Program in Public Policy and Public Management, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Mahidol University, Nakhon Pathom 73170, Thailand
Keywords: best practice, high-performance organization, public organization, structural equation modeling


Due to the expansion of government affairs and the creation of a special agency to implement national policy, studies investigating the proper factors responsible for successful performance in specialist missions are necessary to establish the most efficient high-performance organizational model for public organizations or quasi-government agencies. This study proposes best practices based on a high-performance organizational model with six causal factors. Employing a quantitative methodology, this study constructed a structural equation model based on a sample of 477 people working in two public organizations in Thailand. To analyze the data, structural equation modeling was performed using the LISREL software. The research findings revealed a good fit of the empirical data to the theoretical model. Culture and engagement had indirect effects on people and change management, resulting in strong organizations. High-performance organizations (HPOs) were indirectly affected by employee and design management. Therefore, employee management, which was a crucial mediator variable in the full excellent organizational model, must be approached and established for successful management according to this study. Furthermore, leadership, culture and engagement, and change management that had indirect effects on HPOs via employees, must be developed toachieveexcellent agencies with employee management allowing public organizations to provide general public services. This study revealed best practices for implementing a model consisting of the causal-effect factors shown in this study.


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