The Roles and Authorities of Local Administrative Organizations in Promoting and Protecting Geographical Indications according to the Principles and Relevant Laws


  • Chanon Tongsukmak



          The objective is to study decentralizations with roles and authorities of Local Administrative Organizations in part of the promotion and protection of Geographical Indication Rights in Thailand in the promotion and protection of Geographical Indications Rights according to the law.

          It was found that the Local Administrative Organization of Thailand, which is closest to the local people, is not involved in the promotion and protection of Geographical Indication Rights as expected because of the lack of roles and authorities under the law, perform and direct qualification personnel, and links in efficiently integrated work for central, regional and local as expected.  Therefore, the amendment of the authorities and duties of the Local Administrative Organization in accordance with the Act to Determining Plan and Procedures in Decentralizations to the Local Administrative Organization B.E.2542 are provided by determining the authorities and duties in part of Organizing Public Services for the benefit of the local people that provides for the integration of the promotion of intellectual property for sustainable useful.  And the improvement of the internal structure of Local Administrative Organization in each patterns are conducted by providing a permanent personnel in each locality being responsible for managing and supervising the Intellectual Property Rights of that community or locality acting in the form of advice agencies, transfer knowledge, and forward the request for protection of Geographic Indication Rights directly to the central government.  And also the policy for stimulate the utilization of Intellectual Property at the local level in parts of Geographical Indications to promote Trade Investment and Strengthening the economy and to compete with foreign countries are provided by developing a protection system in line with International Standards and Promoting Registration to create added value for products under that Geographical Indication. Moreover, public relations and training must be provided to spread knowledge to local and community on a regular basis to strengthen of the importance awareness and understanding of the Rights and the Benefits of all-round Intellectual Property to stimulate the Intellectual Property at the local level in parts of Geographical Indication that can be protected rights and sustainable use of such Geographical Indication.


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