Problem about the Enforcement on the Act of Sexual Penetration and Sexual Conduct: Study in Cases of Schizophrenia, the Type of Sexual Encounter with a Corpse


  • Jaymin Choolert Graduate School of Law, NIDA


This article aims to study the problems and impacts of law enforcement on the act of misconduct and indecent acts in cases of schizophrenia, the type of sexual encounter with a corpse by studying the provision of Sexual penetration and Sexual conduct, the nature and meaning of the perpetrator. Acts and objects of action are in line with the behavior of the offender, the type of schizophrenia, the sex with the corpse. To implement criminal enforcement measures, whether it is mandatory sentencing and enforcement of safety procedures that are not yet clear, comprehensive and appropriate for the treatment of offenders who commit sexual offences against corpses to find ways to remedy the perpetrators, including the concept of sexual misconduct. The theory, as well as the criteria adopted as a condition of the provision of misdemeanor and indecent corpses. to justify the fact that it is appropriate and what are the measures to correct the offender and the re- offending deterrent effect. It is a way of studying and comparing it to international law and adopting an appropriate provision that will effectively apply to the perpetrators of crimes and indecent assaults.


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