Legal Aesthetics: An Analytical Tool for Justice


  • Tikumporn Rodkhanmuang School of Law, Mae Fah Luang University


Legal aesthetics is a combination between the studies of legal science and pure philosophy, particularly in its branches so-called aesthetics. This article is aiming at critical survey from its originality of pure philosophy until the boundary of knowledge concerning the other sciences such as fine arts, architecture, sociology, anthropology, political sciences and also the deconstruction of the law or legal science itself.

The knowledgeable observation of law and aesthetics in the westernized world has obviously been established the progressive development of the continuing legal aesthetics. Especially, the influence of the aesthetical studies of the philosophers of the post-modern school has clearly indicated that the transformative dynamic and the understanding of the studies of the legal science and aesthetics. For instance, the study between the law and literature, the perspective of legal studies under the perspective of comics and hilarious narratives. As a result, this article also illustrated the increasingly proliferated trends in the studies of legal aesthetics in both extensively and profoundly. Last but not least, this article raised the crucially legal issues underneath the lens of the sublime, the beauty and the truth.




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