The Correlations between the Concept of Cybersecurity and The Personal Data Protection Law


  • Auntika Na Pibul NIDA


Cybersecurity, Personal Data Protection Law, Correlations


Nowadays, technology plays a crucial role in various aspects of life and business operations for both the public sector, state-owned enterprises, and private sector. This is because the workflow of such technologies often involves processing personal data for providing services. Cybersecurity has therefore gained significant attention from society, as it is a vital factor directly impacting the protection of personal data and the right to privacy of data subjects. The concept of cybersecurity is an important principle reflected in personal data protection law, as it is the responsibility of those who involved in processing personal data to implement appropriate technological and organizational measures in order to ensure security of personal data. However, aligning cybersecurity concepts with personal data protection laws can be challenging. This is because the tools used to enhance cybersecurity may not necessarily be effective in protecting data according to personal data protection law. Therefore, managing the correlations between the concept of cybersecurity and the protection of personal data is crucial for every organization. Striking a balance between the interests of the cybersecurity and the right to privacy of data subjects may be a suitable approach in managing the correlations between these two concepts. By combining the ideas and ensuring a balance, organization should set out a clear policy and implement measures that are suitable for the organization’s context.


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