Design Thinking in Architectural Design


  • Chaowat Kittitornkul Faculty of Architecture, Silpakorn University


Design Thinking, Architectural Design, Human-Centered Design


         Design thinking has been applied in many industry recently as it helps the business owner to understand the problems faced by their customer. This human centred design does not only work with product industry but it can be applied to the service industry as well. Design thinking offers precise analysis over the problems and finds the perfect balance among human values, technology and business. According to the architecture industry where responding to human need is valuable. The term ‘human’ in architecture industry can be referred to ‘client’ in design service and ‘user’ in any buildings. From the pre-study, there are problems faced by both client and user for example like client does not have clear understanding about content in architectural drawings presented by architect. This is the consequence of not focusing on human service. From this point of view design thinking might be the helpful innovative solutions to analyse, identify and resolve user’s problems in this industry.


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