The Stability of the Elderly in Cross-Generation Family



  • กชกร เดชะคำภู ์Nakronphanom University


The Elderly, Cross-Generation Family, Stability of the Elderly


The objectives of this research paper were 1) to study the level of stability of the elderly in cross-generation family, 2) to compare the stability of the elderly in cross-generation family. This research was a quantitative research.The study sample consisted of 420 elderly people in cross-generation family. The sample size was calculated using the Taro Yamane formula. The tool used to collect the data was a questionnaire with an estimated value of 0.80 for the entire confidence. The statistics used in the analysis were percentage, mean and standard deviation, t-test and F-test statistics.

The results showed that 1) the overall level of stability among the elderly in cross-generation family was at a high level, the aspect with the highest average was family followed by housing and environment the safety of life and property The two moderate-level aspects were health and economic and social aspects respectively. 2) The comparison of the stability of the elderly in cross-generation family found that the elderly with different age, educational level, marital status, family characteristics and savings had overall life stability, there was a statistically significant difference at the 0.05 level.


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กชกร เดชะคำภู, ์Nakronphanom University



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