Local Administration for Sustainability Development Goals of Phatum Thani Local Administration Organization


  • Supawadee Khunthongjan -


Local Administration Organization, Sustainability Development Goals, Local Administration


This research aims to (1) study the context of economic, social and environmental problems in the responsible area of local government organizations in Pathum Thani Province and (2) study problem solving and development in the responsibility area of Pathum Thani Local Administrative Organization for sustainable development goals according to development groups with qualitative research methods. There were 40 key informants who were particularly selected. The tool used was an interview form to collect data from personnel of local administrative organizations, people's representatives. The data was analyzed by content analysis method. The results of the study revealed that Pathum Thani is a province in the metropolitan area with continuous economic growth. The population and migrant workers live in densely facing economic problems, society and environment from the expansion of the industry. The problems caused local governments to prioritize solutions and continuously develop according to the potential of the organization, classified according to the relevant development groups as follows: (1) the quality of life of people by supporting the creation of jobs for special target groups (2) Sustainable economic growth by coordinating with relevant agencies to provide people with basic public utilities and promoting alternative energy use (3) Natural resources and the environment by promoting and supporting households to manage waste at source (4) Strong institution and justice by supporting women to serve as supervisors in local government organizations and (5) Being a partnership by collaborating with network organizations to collect statistical data to plan overall work on the real database.


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