A Study of Financial Planning Conditions that Affect the Success of Household Financial Planning Among Rubber Farmersin Surat Thani Province


  • pijittra kaewpichai Faculty of Management Suratthani Rajabhat University, Thailand
  • Hansa Chalermphiphat Faculty of Management Suratthani Rajabhat University,Thailand


financial planning, household financial planning success


This research aimed to: 1) find out the important practical levels of financial planning and important level of practice for the success of financial planning for rubber farmers; 2) study financial planning conditions that affect success in financial planning; and 3) find the relationship of household status and conditions of financial planning and success in financial planning of rubber farmers in Surat Thani Province. This research is a mixed-method research study. 400 samples were collected for quantitative research. The statistical analysis used the     t-test to test the difference between the means of two groups. The one-way F-test was used to test for the mean difference of samples with more than two groups. Comparison was of the relationship between two independent groups of variables. Qualitative data were analyzed using interviews and focus groups. The research results showed that most of the respondents were female, aged 31-40 years, 147 people in Mueang Surat Thani District with incomes below 20,000 baht, marital status, having a husband as the head of the family, 3-4 people in a family as members. Most of them have a rubber plantation area of 11-20 rai. The source of funds comes from financial institutions. There is an investment to buy land. Regarding the financial planning of the rubber farmers in Surat Thani Province, it was found that the economic situation had         a high level of opinions, and the investment aspect had a medium level of opinions. Successful aspects of financial planning were: Most of the respondents found that their income is sufficient for the expenses/burdens of debt repayment; have insufficient income; no savings for future expenses; have savings of less than 100,000 baht. Most of them are consistent in saving 1-2 times/month, having savings for 5-10 years and paying off debt on time. According to focus group interviews, the factor that causes financial planning is the child's education. The obstacle of financial planning is the low price of rubber


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