Teachers’ Perceptions on Integrating ICT towards Teaching English Reading Comprehension


  • Dr.Nuramah Hajikaleng Narathiwat Technical College, Princess of Naradhiwas University


Reading comprehension, integrating ICT, teachers’ perceptions


Reading comprehension is one of the important skills in the learning process. The 21st century of teaching and learning emphasizes on ICT. The purpose of this study was to explore teachers’ perceptions of integrating ICT towards teaching English reading comprehension. The participants of this study were 12 teachers from two high schools in Pattani province, south of Thailand. The instruments used in this study was a semi-structured interview. The findings of the study indicated that the teachers agreed with the use of ICT. However, some teachers are lack knowledge on using ICT as well as weak of internet connection.  This study is very vital for the Teacher Training Division, English supervisors, and English teachers to consider a method of integrating ICT while teaching English in order to improve students’ English reading comprehension.



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