Stress to Transformation: A View of Stress into Line and Colors of Professors


  • Thanika Hutakamol Faculty of Fine and Applied Art Burapha University
  • Pitiwat Somthai Faculty of Fine and Applied Art Burapha University
  • Puvasa Ruangchewin Faculty of Fine and Applied Art Burapha University


Stress, Line, Color


In the study of human behavior, the human being of any age can be stressful depending on the age range, life events, and problems. In particular, people in the working age range are often found in stress rather than people of other ages because this is the age of liability for the family and people around such as children, parents, even creating their stability of life for themselves. Currently, it also found that there is a high tendency. According to this problem, the researcher brings the concept of stress changing into the artwork to relieve stress. Therefore, this research is to study stress problem from attitude analysis of working adults age between 30- 40years to create art forms by using a questionnaire to people with stress to obtain the feeling of line and the color from stress. From the questionnaire survey found that the formats of the line are different styles such as curve line, free line, and wave line. The analysis shows that those who complete the questionnaire with a mood of uncertainty and unstable life. Black color represents a sense of stress; on the other hand, green color is a sense of peace and calm. The results of this research lead the researcher to design creative work.


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