Phra Saroj Ratananimmarn and Modern Art in Thailand


  • Sitthidham Rohitasuk Assistant Professor, Dr, Division of Visual Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Srinakharinwirot University


Phra Saroj Ratananimmarn, Modern Art in Thailand, Silpakorn University


This article studies of the role of Phra Saroj Ratananimmarn (Saroj Sook-khayang) who gave rise to modern art circles in Thailand. It was found that as a modern architect, Phra Saroj Ratananimmarn understood the importance of studying academic art in accordance with its theory so that personnel could create qualified works without, as done in the past, having to rely on foreign artisans. Moreover, to create fine art works as part of modern architecture. Consequently, Phra Saroj Ratananimmarn did not only create art architecture for governmental and private sectors, but also played an important role in compelling and supporting Corrado Feroci (Professor Silpa Bhirasri) to successfully establish the School of Fine Arts. Professor Silpa also took the role of teacher at this school, which was later transformed into Silpakorn University. To maintain and enhance the art standard as a tool to develop the nation, Phra Saroj Ratananimmarn took part in compelling and supporting the establishment of the institute of art for providing knowledge and qualified personnel of art. This has been significant step in the development of modern and contemporary art of Thailand.


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