Status of Piphat Ensemble in Nakhon Pathom Province


  • Kritsanaphong Thatsanabanjong Instructor Department of Music and Performing Arts, Faculty of Arts, Silpakorn University


Thai music, Nakhon Pathom Province, Piphat


This research aimed to study the history, context, and the current status of Piphat ensemble in Nakhon Pathom province and to conserve Piphat culture in Nakhon Pathom. The results of the study indicated that Piphat ensemble in Nakhon Pathom has its own historic stories and that many famous Thai musicians were born in Nakhon Pathom. At present, there are more than 27 ensembles still continuing their ritual performance for various ceremonies, all in the districts of the province. After exploring the current status of Piphat ensemble in Nakhon Pathom, it was found that Piphat ensemble in Nakhon Pathom has inherited musical knowledge from many reputed Thai music masters. Piphat ensembles are still able to do their common performance for their community in any particular events, but the issues encountered today are a decrease in community for the host of traditional rituals and a reduced number of performances for economic reasons, making Piphat’s owners and musicians who play regularly in the band unable to pursue their career as traditional musicians. Many Piphat ensembles do not train their own musicians; only some Piphat ensembles can continue pass their knowledge to their own members. That is why Piphat performances in Nakhon Pathom will gradually reduce in the future. To promote Piphat performances, raising awareness of the importance and function of the Piphat culture in various communal traditional ceremonies with youth and public is needed.


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