Public Opinion Survey on the Government's Economic Policy of the NCPO

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Kasemsanta Jantaratim


This research is aimed to gather information of public opinion on the economic policy of the government's past operations (the NCPO). Uses qualitative research, group discussions, and interviews with individuals and business sector entrepreneurs. The instrument is examined and found that the examination results are in accordance with the criteria and in accordance with the objectives. The research found that the impact of government policy implementation affecting the opinions of people and entrepreneurs towards the policy to affect production potential and economic growth in the future in order to use the results of the study as a component of policy recommendations, it was found the important factors that support the Thai economy are (1) government capital factors have a positive effect on long-term economic growth therefore there is a need to increase investment in large projects (2) should promote the network of enterprises to be strong to create exchange of knowledge within the entrepreneurs group of agriculture and services (4) Investment promotion policies that are beneficial to production development attracting foreign investment with high technology to increase production and have information systems for production and clear indicators to improve the productivity of Thailand effectively

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