Analysis of Dealing with COVID-19: The Impact on Aviation Industry

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Taksina Seanyen
Worrawut Wentbap
Weerapan Chuayprasit
Kulthavat Srayudh
Apaporn Hasoh


The spread of COVID-19 pandemic has reflected important changes in various dimensions in terms of human behaviours, consumer behaviours and services. The aviation industry is one thing that has been affected rapidly and drastically like dominoes in every aspect: flight cancellation, route limitation, airline bankruptcy, cost reduction, downsizing, travel conditions and regulations limitation for passengers. All these lead to important changes which can be counted as a threat to people all over the world. The necessary measure after the pandemic is the change in lifestyle. The survival of the aviation industry is so crucial that all concerned should realize and solve the problems seriously since the aviation industry is variable to the drive of national economy. 

This article is the study and analysis of the effects of COVID-19 on the aviation industry. It aims to create understanding of the present situations as a result of the people's changing behaviours and alertness in self-protection while travelling.


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Seanyen, T. ., Wentbap, W. ., Chuayprasit, W. ., Srayudh, K. ., & Hasoh, A. . (2020). Analysis of Dealing with COVID-19: The Impact on Aviation Industry . Journal of Multidisciplinary in Humanities and Social Sciences, 3(2), 209–220. Retrieved from
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