Procurement Corruption in Government Agencies

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Tarapong Limsuthiwanpoom
Tuangthong Sinchai


The problem of corruption in the Thai government has occurred for a long time. This includes corruption in government budget spending, the use of power to misappropriate public property, issuing policies and regulations for his/her benefit, using legal loopholes. All these lead deterioration of  the well-being of the people, economy and the progress of the country both directly and indirectly. To be aware of the problems, we wrote this paper to address the root causes of corruption, especially corruption in country’s budget spending, as a starting point in the search for ways to eliminate corruption.

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Limsuthiwanpoom, T., & Sinchai, T. . (2020). Procurement Corruption in Government Agencies. Journal of Multidisciplinary in Humanities and Social Sciences, 3(2), 311–323. Retrieved from
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