Factors Affecting the Dried Longan Export Capacity of Chanthaburi Provincial Operators in China Market

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Busaba Auaroon
Paporn Piyayodilokcha
Patthama Viboonjan


This research aimed to 1) study the factors affecting the ability to export dried longan of entrepreneurs in Chanthaburi Province; and 2) study the relationship between factors affecting the ability to export dried longan of operators in Chanthaburi Province. This study was qualitative research. Key informants were dried longan export entrepreneurs in Chanthaburi Province. The study was done by conducting in-depth interviews using the Delphi Technique with the 17 key informants. Two types of research instruments were used: structured in-depth interviews, and audio recording. In data analysis, the information was analyzed to compare the findings and interpret them.

The results of the study on the factors were as follows: firstly, the internal factors, which included production factors, competitive factors, business strategy, and demand factors, were at a high level; secondly, the related and supporting industry factors were moderate; and finally, when examining the external factors such as political factors, economic factors, and technological factors, it was found that they were moderate. However, for social and cultural factors, it was revealed that the results were at a very high level. As for the factors of competitiveness, which included product capability, distribution channel capability, price capability, and PR capability, they were all at a high level. This is because the products are of international quality standards, thus making them acceptable to customers and enabling them to create competitive advantages with their competitors

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Auaroon, B., Piyayodilokcha, P., & Viboonjan, P. (2022). Factors Affecting the Dried Longan Export Capacity of Chanthaburi Provincial Operators in China Market. Journal of Multidisciplinary in Humanities and Social Sciences, 5(1), 124–138. Retrieved from https://so04.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/jmhs1_s/article/view/255439
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