1. Authors’ duties and responsibilities

1.1 Authors confirm that the presented work is original and has never been published elsewhere. 

1.2 Authors must present an accurate account of the work performed without misrepresented or false information.

1.3 Authors must give proper acknowledgement of the works of others and provide a work cited list.

1.4 Authors must present their research articles in the form specified in ‘Author Guidelines’.

1.5 Authors named in the article must take part in the actual research.

1.6 Authors must specify the source of funding for the research.

1.7 Authors must specify conflicts of interests (if any).


2. Editors’ duties and responsibilities

2.1 Editors are responsible for considering articles for publication according to accredited international standard in the relevant fields.

2.2 Editors will not disclose any information about the authors and reviewers to unauthorized persons during the course of the evaluation process.

2.3 Editors will select articles for publication after the peer-review process, mainly based on the significance, originality, clarity and adherence to the scope and policy of the Journal.

2.4 Editors will not accept works previously published elsewhere.

2.5 Editors do not have conflicts of interests with authors, reviewers or administration team.

2.6 Editors earnestly check articles for plagiarism using reliable programs to ensure that articles published in the Journal do not plagiarize works of others.

2.7 If plagiarism is found during the evaluation process, editors will stop the process and contact the authors immediately to obtain an explanation as part of the consideration to ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ that article.


3. Reviewers’ duties and responsibilities

3.1 Reviewers undertake to maintain confidentiality and must not disclose any part or the entirety of the works submitted to unauthorized persons in the cause of the evaluation process.

3.2 Upon receiving the article from the editors and realizing that they may have a conflict of interests with the authors (for instance, the reviewers are co-researchers or have a personal connection with the authors, or for any other reasons) which impedes free comments and suggestions, reviewers should inform the editors and decline reviewing that article.

3.3 Reviewers should evaluate the articles in the fields of their own expertise and examine the significance of the article content on the particular field, the quality of the analysis and the strength of the work without any unsupported personal opinions.

3.4 Reviewers must include important and relevant research publications which the authors have omitted. In addition, if any part of the article resembles or duplicates another work, the reviewers must inform the editors.