Aquatic Beetles of the Families Dryopidae and Elmidae (Insecta: Coleoptera: Byrrhoidea) of Thailand: Annotated List and Illustrated Key to Genera

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William D. Shepard
Robert W. Sites


Over the past two decades, Thailand has been surveyed extensively for its fauna of aquatic insects, including the beetle families Dryopidae and Elmidae, which are abundant in stream systems. Previously, nine genera were known from the country, all but one of which were recollected: Parahelichus, Stenomystax (Dryopidae); Ancyronyx, Aulacosolus, Dryopomorphus, Graphelmis, Macronevia, Macronychus, Pseudamophilus (Elmidae). Here we add 13 genera not previously recorded from Thailand (Dryops, Elmomorphus, Helichus, Pachyparnus, [Dryopidae]; Grouvellinus, Indosolus, Leptelmis, Ordobrevia, Potamophilinus, Stenelmis, Urumaelmis, Zaitzevia, Zaitzeviaria [Elmidae]) and provide an annotated list and illustrated key to the genera. Additional information is provided to guide new work with Dryopidae and Elmidae in Thailand.

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