Additions to the Moss Floras of Mindanao and the Philippines with a Focus on the Rediscovery of Euptychium setigerum

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Benito C. Tan
James R. Shevock
Andrea G. Azuelo
Lesley Lubos


Four species of mosses new to the Philippines and two species records new for the island of Mindanao are reported from the 2015 joint botanical expedition of the CEBREM Office of Central Mindanao State University (CMUH) and the California Academy of Sciences (CAS). The rediscovery of new populations of Euptychium setigerum after 80 years of searching represents a significant extension of local range from Mt. Manalsal on Palawan Island bordering the South China Sea to Mt. Hamiguitan on eastern Mindanao bordering the Pacific Ocean.

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