Revisiting Astrocalyx Merr. (Astronieae: Melastomataceae): New Morphological Observations on the Philippine Endemic, Enigmatic, Endangered and Monotypic Genus

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Jeffrey P. Mancera
Darin S. Penneys
Fulgent P. Coritico


The monotypic Astrocalyx Merr. (Astronieae: Melastomataceae) was collected in 2015 from the Mount Kitanglad Range Natural Park (Mindanao Island, the Philippines) during a joint expedition conducted by the Central Mindanao University (CMUH) and the California Academy of Sciences (CAS). Since the original publication of the genus, no other detailed account of its enigmatic morphology has been published. Examination of herbarium vouchers revealed discrete variations in morphology, which may be indicative of reproductive isolation or presence of emerging selection pressures among populations of the species across the archipelago. This documentation aims to rekindle interest and initiate approaches toward conservation of this poorly known endemic taxon, already listed as endangered in the Philippine Islands.

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