A New Species of the Ant Genus Calyptomyrmex Emery, 1887 (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Myrmicinae) from Laos and New Record of C. rectopilosus from Thailand and Hong Kong

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Weeyawat Jaitrong
Seiki Yamane


A new species of the ant genus Calyptomyrmex Emery, 1887 is described from Laos under the name C. laotius sp. nov. based on the worker caste. This species is easily distinguished from other congeners by having sparse, verylong hairs and dense, fine deeppunctures on the head and promesonotum. Calyptomyrmex rectopilosus Dlussky & Radchenko, 1990 is recorded from Hong and Thailand for the first time. A key to the species of the genus of Continental Southeast Asia is provided. The distributional pattern of Calyptomyrmex in continental Southeast Asia is also discussed.

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