Metadata Standards for Museums: A new step for museums in Thailand in the digital age

  • ดุษฎีพร ชาติบุตร Research for Standard System for Digitising Catelogue for Thammasat Museum of Anthropology
Keywords: museum, metadata, database, digital cultural heritage


Over the past three decades, the development of digital technology has transformed many aspects in museum management. Several libraries, archives, museums, and cultural heritage institutions have invested in more research and development of digital data management of cultural heritage resources. This new trend of data management requires a tool called “metadata.” This paper examines metadata standards which have been universally adopted in museums around the world. It presents findings from the “Research for Standard System for Digitising Catalogue for Thammasat Museum of Anthropology” project and proposes a provisional  framework for metadata standards for museums in Thailand. Finally, it also notes some key issues in the development of metadata standards for furture application among museums in Thailand.


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พัชรินทร์ ศุขประมูล, วัญญา ประคำทอง, และ สมชาย วรศาสตร์. 2552. คู่มือการจัดทำทะเบียนโบราณวัตถุ ศิลปวัตถุ. กรุงเทพฯ: สำนักพิพิธภัณฑสถานแห่งชาติ.

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