1. Principles and rationale 
     NBTC Journal accepts both Thai and English research articles, academic articles, review articles and book reviews for the purpose of compiling and disseminating the body of knowledge and research works relating to telecommunications resources management, competition and regulation as well as consumer protection, comprehensive services, technological development, transition or other topics relating to sound broadcasting, television broadcasting, telecommunications and radio communications from the engineering, legal, economic, administrative, mass communication, social sciences or multidisciplinary perspectives that are beneficial to the national sound broadcasting, television broadcasting and telecommunications operations. 

2. Objectives 
     2.1 To compile and disseminate research articles, academic articles, review articles and the body of knowledge relating to sound broadcasting, television broadcasting, telecommunication and radio telecommunication operations.
     2.2 To be a focal point for the exchange, support and dissemination of the roles and duties of NBTC and the Office of NBTC in the regulating of sound broadcasting, television broadcasting, telecommunication and radio telecommunication operations.
     2.3 To promote academic cooperation networking with other agencies. 

3. Publication criteria 
     3.1 Being an article with the scope and content relating to the following issues:        
           Category 1 Management of telecommunication resources such as frequencies, numbers, etc.
           Category 2 Competition and regulation such as price, content regulation, rights of way, basic 
           networks   etc.                     
           Category 3 Consumer protection and comprehensive services.        
           Category 4 Technology development and transition.        
           Category 5 Other issues relating to the above-mentioned operations.
    3.2 Being an article that does not violate the copyrighted work of another person and has not been previously published in another journal.
     3.3 Being an article that contains all of the following elements:
           3.3.1 Article title in Thai and English        
           3.3.2 Thai abstract and English abstract (not exceeding 250 words)        
           3.3.3 Thai keywords and English keywords (3-5 words)      
           3.3.4 Introduction, background or significance of the problem        
           3.3.5 Methodology        
           3.3.6 Results        
           3.3.7 Discussion of the results, conclusion and recommendations (if any)       
           3.3.8 Use the American Psychological Association, 7th edition, reference style. 

4. Format 
     4.1 The length of an article must not exceed 15 A4 pages, including the abstract and references.  
     4.2 Use TH SarabunPSK, 16 point font for Thai articles.  
     4.3 Use TH SarabunPSK, 16 point font for English articles.  
     4.4 inch margins on all sides.  
     4.5 Single spacing.  
    4.6 No spacing between paragraphs. For further details, see the “Instructions for Authors” section of the NBTC Journal in the ThaiJo system. 

5. Submission of article  
     5.1 Complete the NBTC Journal Article Submission Form. See attached document for details.  
     5.2 Submit article electronically at https://www.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/NBTC_Journal/index 

6. Submission date
     From now until 31 August of each year. For an article submitted after this period, the NBTC Journal’s Editorial Board reserves the right to consider it for publication in the next-year issue. 

7.  Disclaimer
     The Office of NBTC shall select articles for publication in the NBTC Journal as deems suitable. If the number of articles approved by the qualified members exceeds the NBTC Journal’s prescribed number, the Office of NBTC reserves the right to have some articles published in the next-year issue. Decision by the Office of NBTC shall be final.  
     Copyright of the contents or articles that appear in the NBTC Journal shall belong to the Office of NBTC and the Office of NBTC reserves the right to strictly prohibit any dissemination, duplication or republication all or part of such contents, statements or articles unless a written permission is given. The statement or opinion that appears in each published article of this Journal belongs to the author and has no binding on the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission and the Office of NBTC. The author shall be fully responsible for any violation of other person’s rights with no connection whatsoever to the Office of NBTC.

8. Payment for published article
    The article accepted for publication in NBTC Journal shall receive a payment of 500 baht per page, based on the number of published page, which shall not exceed 10,000 baht per article. 

9. For further details please contact
     The Administration and Production Division Tel: 0 2670 8888 Ext. 3755 or 3751 
     Email: [email protected]