Development Project of Smart Pig Farm using LoRaWAN

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Vitawat Sittakul
Gridsada Phanomchoeng
Lunchakorn Wuttisittikulkij
Widhyakorn Adornwised
Chairat Phongphanphanee


This project develops a prototype of smart farm pig using LoRaWAN Network to apply the LoRaWAN network to the farm prototype by installing 3 of LoRaWAN Gateway Stations to be a data transmission medium between all sensors such as temperature sensors, humidity sensors and electricity power meter sensor. Here, the CCTV cameras are used to analyze to find dead pigs and calculate the weights of pigs using photos. This is to track the behaviors of pigs, environment and electricity system. All data are shown on a online website accurately. The top-view and side-view photos of pigs can be analyzed to find the pig weights with an accuracy of +/- 1.86 Kilograms from the average pig weight of 1.5 kilograms. These parameters of temperature, humidity, electricity power and pig weight can be used in future to apply as a platform with other pig farms.


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Sittakul, V., กฤษฎา พนมเชิง, ลัญฉกร วุฒิสิทธิกุลกิจ, วิทยากร อัศดรวิเศษ, & ชัยรัต พงศ์พันธุ์ภาณี. (2021). Development Project of Smart Pig Farm using LoRaWAN . NBTC Journal, 5(5), 215–236. Retrieved from
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