Internet of Things Platform – An Essential Foundation for Creating Digital Innovation

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Panita Pongpaibool
Aimaschana Niruntasukrat
Koonlachat Meesublak


Internet of Things or IoT technology requires multidisciplinary skills in hardware, software, and communication. IoT cloud platforms are revolutionizing businesses and are gaining rapid adoption. IoT cloud platforms help speed up IoT innovation by relieving a burden of server and database provisioning. IoT cloud platforms offer a ready-to-use software infrastructure and services necessary to enable IoT solutions. IoT cloud platforms let IoT solution providers focus their effort solely on their devices and applications, hence shortening their time to market. This paper discusses necessary components of IoT cloud platforms and proposes NETPIE (Network platform for Internet of everything), an IoT cloud platform developed and serviced by NECTEC (National Electronics and Computer Technology Center) in Thailand. NETPIE has become a foundation to stimulate creation of IoT and other digital innovation, thus strengthening Thailand’s digital competitiveness.


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Panita Pongpaibool, Aimaschana Niruntasukrat, & Koonlachat Meesublak. (2020). Internet of Things Platform – An Essential Foundation for Creating Digital Innovation. NBTC Journal, 4(4), 269–287. Retrieved from
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