Development of Radio Frequency Detection System for Low-Power RF Transceivers

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Prayoth Kumsawat
Rangsan Wongsan
Arthit Srikaew


This article presents the development of real-time mobile frequency monitoring system for low power transmitters by using an active directional antenna for detecting signals and wireless sensor network to cooperate and compute information. The proposed system can check the frequency usage by using the spectrum analyzer and the WiFi receiver. By utilizing global positioning system devices, digital compasses mounted on the directional antenna and the triangular theory, the intersection of the antenna direction for determining the location of the source of the interference can then be calculated. The frequency monitoring systems developed in this research were installed on four vehicles which can collaborate as a RF measuring sensor network. This network can be used to detect frequency interferences in any areas that have been requested for inspection. With availability of 3G/4G mobile network in the inspection area, all vehicles can synchronize the captured data to the real-time database. The source of interference can be conveniently and efficiently investigated. Experimental results show that the designed system can accurately detect the assumed interference source. This system can desirably be used to detect and solve problems of frequency interference that may increase in the future.


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Prayoth Kumsawat, Rangsan Wongsan, & Arthit Srikaew. (2020). Development of Radio Frequency Detection System for Low-Power RF Transceivers. NBTC Journal, 4(4), 178–197. Retrieved from
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