CubeSat Nano Scale Satellite and new Era of Communication

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Pairoj Waiwanijchakij


A high growth of development and application on CubeSat in nowadays comes from significant enhancements in this Low Earth Orbit communication technology since the first era of its inception which were focused in academic institutes. CubeSat has various applications in geographical survey, photographic, communication and space observer with huge enhancement its specific technology. A constellation operation development under a global cooperation among worldwide developer helps creating much more utilization of CubeSat apart from a lower cost of manufacturing and launching comparing to larger scale satellites though there were a limitation on operation durability from physic law of Low Earth Orbital. These results in a high penetration of CubeSat in the space nowadays. This article describes a history of CubeSat, its development, applications and trend of future benefit, especially on the industrial enhancement and add-on application in vertical industries.


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