Learning to Create Value Through Goodwill and Experience

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Bu-nga Chaisuwan


Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is an important perspective in planning and executing the delivery of value to consumers through the use of effective communications. This would encompass more than just the traditional tools of advertising and public relations to include the use of online communications and retail experience. IMC is the response of companies to the changing environment with respect to consumers, technology, and media. Ideally, IMC should enable the company to innovate market offers, channel of distribution, and maintaining good customer relationship. Golden Place utilizes the innovative concept of creating shared value (CSV) with emphasis on sustainability, which is a big buzzword for consumers today.


However, the development of this innovative business model and its subsequent success has seen a major disconnect with its communications. Golden Place has garnered a lot of good will through publicity due to the fact that it is owned by His Majesty the King and he is a regular patron. Though, beyond this Golden Place has limited communications. Therefore, this case study aims to address this gap of relating CSV as a business strategy that can be implemented in terms of communications. Thus, the main focus of this case is to have students explore using the accumulated good will of the brand to develop an IMC campaign maximizing the positive brand experience within the limitations.

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