Brand personality affected the perceived value for Small Local Coffee Businesses in the Eastern Region.


  • ศศิกาญจน์ ธีระนาวิน คณะการจัดการและการท่องเที่ยว มหาวิทยาลัยบูรพา


Brand Personality, Perceived Value, Coffee, Medical Personnel, Small Business


The objective of this paper aim to analyze the factors related to brand personality influencing the perceived value of small local coffee companies. The survey was conducted to collect information on coffee consumption behavior of 400 sampling of the medical staff in the eastern region, with random sampling by lottery method.  The instrument used to collect data was a questionnaire with 63 sections. The collected data were presented with basic statistical data using descriptive statistical methods such as mean, percentage, standard deviation and inferential statistical analysis. In order to investigate the relationship between the independent variables and the dependent variables, the Multiple Correlation Analysis (MCA) were analyzed. The hypothesis testing was performed using multiple linear regression analysis with statistical significance at the 0.05 level. The result showed that the factors influencing consumers' perceived value in significant agreement with the main hypothesis is brand personality factor. In addition, the factors corresponding to the sub-hypotheses consist of four factors namely sincerity, enthusiasm, competence and complexity, while the taste factor was not in agreement with the sub-hypotheses. When examining species diversity using the tolerance and gain components, it was also found that the analysis results of all independent variables ranged from 1.34 to 2.80, which was below the established threshold of 5.00. Therefore, it can be concluded that all independent variables are not correlated with each other in any way.


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