Sustainable Self-Reliance of farmers in the irrigation area of Buriram Province


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Self-Reliance, potential, irrigation area


This research aimed to 1) study potential of sustainable self-reliance of farmers in the irrigation areas of Buriram Province, 2) to study satisfaction with factors or variables that will support sustainable self-reliance of farmers and 3) use the results of this study as a guideline to support and promote farmers in an appropriate way. The findings show that 1) technology factors farmers need to rely on agricultural machinery to used as a labor-saving machine; 2) economic factors most farmers still rely on external loans for their daily living expenses; 3) natural resource factors most farmers have their own land and also need to continuously improve the soil to be fertile; 4) human resource factors  have a labor shortage problem in farming in each production process; 5) Social and political factors all farmers are members of the irrigation water users group; 6) supporting and relationships factors with external organizations, both public and private sectors have contributed to support farmers in various fields. Conclusion of the study of all 6 factors, it was found that all factors have a positive effect on farmers ' development potential for sustainable self-sufficiency  except for human resource factors that agriculture are elder that may be barriers to development. But it can be solved with continued use of appropriate stimulation and using a method of working in groups that farmers are familiar with to create a strong leader of farmers.


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