The Use of Data and Need for Big Data Analytics in Thai Television Operations


  • Duangkaew Ngernpoolsap Lecturer, Ph.D., Department of Communication Arts and Information Science, Faculty of Humanities, Kasetsart University.


Data, Big data, Data analytics, Thai television


This research aimed to study the use of big data by Thai television stations and issues related to needs and problems for big data analytics in their operations. Mixed-method research was quantitatively conducted using questionnaires, sent to 356 staff members of eight Thai television stations with the highest number of viewers in each type of program offered, and
qualitatively researched by in-depth interviews of 10 executives in the stations. The methods employed were stratified random sampling and purposive sampling, respectively. It was found that most of the Thai television station operators use the data of audience behavior and use data sourced from email and Facebook. However, the stations’ need for big data was moderate while the staff’s need for big data was high. It was also found that most stations and their staff faced moderate difficulty in data use and analytics.


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