Time Management with Buddhist Integration

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Patcharee Cheamchoy


The objectives of this research to integrate the General Time Management theory with Time Management related to doctrine in Buddhism. This research was classified as the qualitative research.
The results of the thesis were found as follows: 1) Conceptual framework of General Time Management theory was indicated that time to use in its activities and life, but under the pressure of time, it brought about the suffering and stress effecting daily life.
2 ) Conceptual framework of Buddhist Time Management was recognized the Science and Art. The best time to do the things is the good time, no reference to believe on Auspicious. It was depended up on knowledge and utilization, and truth.
3 ) The Buddhist Time Management was supporting the advantage utilize of life and social, based upon the truth and the fairness with was the actual utilization, support the personal management and office management to get the successful of life.
4 ) The application of Buddhist Time Management was the combination knowledge, utilization and truth based on the conceptual framework of mindfulness and finally modify into the “MKUL Model”

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