The Effect of Hosting International Sport Events on Destination Image of Foreign Tourists in Thailand

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Paak Phantumabamrung
Worawee Nakpanom


This article aimed to 1) study the perceived destination image of foreign tourists; 2) compare the perceived destination image between foreign sports tourists and ordinary tourists; and 3) study the perceived destination image of both groups of tourists, influencing their revisit and recommendation. This research was quantitative research, employed the questionnaire with a reliability value of.897 and used quota sampling to collect data from 200 for each group. Data were analyzed by using descriptive statistic to study mean and standard deviation and using inferential statistic consisting of t-test, and multiple regression analysis.

The research results were found as follows: 1) overall of perceived destination image of foreign tourists was at the high level having mean of 4.14; 2) Comparison in perceived destination image between both groups did not have statistically significant difference, t = -.751; and 3) perception of destination image of both groups affecting revisit and recommendation with the statistical significance at .05. The result of ordinary tourists had the potential to explain the effect of a revisit at 71.5% and the effect of a revisit recommendation at 62.7. Furthermore, the result of sports tourists had the potential to explain the effect on the revisit at 70.6% and the effect on the revisit recommendation at 71.5. The knowledge of this article found that destination image plays an essential role in behavioral intention. Therefore, countries should encourage a destination image to meet all groups of tourists’ expectations. It can result in earning income from ordinary and sports tourism.

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Phantumabamrung , P., & Nakpanom, W. . (2022). The Effect of Hosting International Sport Events on Destination Image of Foreign Tourists in Thailand. Journal of Multidisciplinary in Humanities and Social Sciences, 5(4), 1513–1528. Retrieved from
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