The Communities’ Adjustment Alternatives to Survival under the Economic Crisis Caused by the Covid Pandemic : A Case Study of the Villages of Ban Nongbua, Ban Nongmakhuea, and Ban Nongmanao

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Watcharaporn Jantanukul


This paper aimed to study common problems and communal needs and analyze alternatives in the communities’ adjustments to survive the economic crisis during the pandemic. The work was qualitative research conducted in the areas of Ban Nongbua, Ban Nongmakhuea, and Ban Nongmanao. The population was 20 people selected by purposive sampling. The research instrument was a semi-structured interview. The statistic was a content analysis. The research findings were as follows:

1) The general condition of the community changes, adapting to economic, social, and cultural changes. Community problems and needs include economic, social, and lifestyle. 2) Options for adapting for the survival of communities during the economic crisis in the COVID-19 era are: (2.1) a) creating occupations in communities; b) raising incomes via various channels; c) planning reasonable spending; d) strengthening communities; e) making use of local or folk wisdom; and f) encouraging community enterprises. (2.2) Social aspects included the following: a) adjustment of social structure; b) acceptance of online learning; c) providing a new form of public health services; d) organizing a wide variety of traditions; and e) creating a new social value. (2.3) The livelihood consisted of the following: a) regularly wearing a face mask; b) always carrying an alcoholic gel; d) spending less time in public places; e) getting knowledge on the disease and prevention of disease; f) promoting exercise; and g) building awareness of social responsibility.

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