Market Brand of Adult Education for Academic Credentials in Guangdong, China

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Chong Chen
Napaporn Khantanapha


In the rapidly evolving landscape of adult education in Guangdong, China, market branding has emerged as a pivotal force driving academic credential programs. This research delves into the dynamic interplay of market branding within adult education, unveiling its multifaceted impact on the academic credentialing landscape.

This research aimed 1 To investigate the dynamics of marketization in higher education for adults, 2 To assess the potential and challenges of the higher education market for adults, and 3 To examine the demand-driven dynamics of higher education adult consumer behavior in Guangdong, China. The samples were 1,512 adult students in higher education in Guangdong, China that were selected by simple random. The instruments for collecting data were a questionnaire and an interview form. Analysis of data included descriptive statistics and content analysis.

The results were as follows:

1. Participants in the survey ranged from senior middle school to junior college ages. While this offers a fundamental demographic snapshot, establishing a direct connection between these demographics and intricate higher education marketization processes is challenging. Additional research is necessary to investigate how these demographic factors interact with evolving market dynamics, especially their influence on perceptions and preferences within senior middle school and junior college curricula. The aim is to bridge this knowledge gap.

2. The qualitative findings from SWOT and TOWS analyses reveal a nuanced landscape. Identified strengths and past experiences intersect with limitations, while opportunities in a favorable economic climate face off against global competitive challenges. The TOWS analysis emphasizes key strategic directions, including policy backing, equilibrium in quality, and enhanced instructor training.


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