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Published: 2024-02-27

Buddhist Art Therapy: Painting Scroll Buddha Images from Vessantara Jataka in Bahn Huai Chomphu, Mae Taeng District, Chiang Mai Province

Phra Athiwat Thammawatsiri, Phisit Kotsupho, Lipikorn Makaew, Phra Wittawat Kochakan, Chandras Tapuling

1 - 24

IOT Disruption in Mining Industry: A Narrative Review of IOT Technologies and Tools in Mining Industry

Mohammadamin Dadras, Mahdi Amirkhani, Sanam Sabooni, Firouz Anaraki

203 - 225

The Recyclable Waste Management of Urban Communities of Maha Sarakham Municipality and Related Areas

Dita Sangvatanachai, Pechladda Pechpakdee, Ponlakit Jitto, Sutana Boonlua

226 - 244

Innovative Leadership with Change Management in Government Organization under VUCA Era

Nualnapa Chullasutthi, Kasama Kasorn, Siprang Charoenphol, Pornchai Jedaman

310 - 328

Delivery Industrial Food of Standard Pricing on Application Online

Weerawan Pinchumpholsang, Somjai Srinet

362 - 379

A Model of Immunization and Creative Resolving Conflicts Based on The Four Noble Truths of Vulnerable Youths in The Northeast

Jiraporn Phansawang, Phrakhrukitiwarathon, Amornrat Phansawang, Ekkarach Kositpimanvech, Rapeepat Hansopa

401- 420

The Blending of Architectural Form and Culture in Harbin Middle East Railway Period

Chunyu Zhang, Sitthidham Rohitasuk, Kittikorn Nopudomphan

584 - 603